Study of Modern History

For someone who studies history, it is usually divided into larger periods, which are then divided into smaller periods. Contemporary history covers a large part of history, which lasts from the end of the Middle Ages to the present day. However, this period is extremely long and usually divides into modern and late parts.

Just as ancient history in the West is marked to a large extent by the events of the Greek and Roman Empires, so the contemporary historical quiz will be marked by the events of the British Empire, although important events in other European countries are also important. This period begins around 1500 and there are many events of this period that can be used to celebrate the beginning of this period.

A modern historical quiz can mark the beginning of the modern era with the defeat of Richard III, the collapse of Constantinople or the discovery of the Americas. The Reformation was also a key event of this early period. This indicates the importance that religion played in the history and politics of the day.

This great period of human history was to become even more determined by the development of science and technology than in previous periods. Many people have said that technology plays a more important role in the history of these times than even politics, religion or military activity, because during this period almost all these fields are driven by science.

The printing press is one of those elements which, according to modern history, can be responsible for changing the world. This is due to its role in building literacy. This in turn leads to a more educated population that has changed the whole way the world has worked and done business.

If we go further in the late modern era, the Industrial Revolution once again shows how science was largely responsible for shaping the modern world. The invention of the steam engine and steam-powered devices contributed to postponing this period more than any other invention.

From a political point of view, many could argue that the most important development of the modern era was the development of the United States as a world power. It was a very long process that began with the discovery of the continent at the beginning of this period and lasts until after the Second World War, when the United States became the most important superpower in the world at that time.


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